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Reynolds Kitchens Premium Slow Cooker Liners Help Save Time On Clean Up For Meal Prepping

Updated: May 29, 2019

People who meal prep are big fans of making things easier. We tend to cook larger quantities of food all at once which is incredibly convenient but can also be very messy.

That is where these Reynolds Kitchens Premium Slow Cooker Liners come in! Take your crock pot (great for cooking bulk meats, beans or rice) and just stick the Reynolds Kitchens Premium Slow Cooker Liners in it before you add the food. When everything finishes cooking you just take out the liner, throw it away and your crock pot is sparkling clean!

And if you need a good crock pot we are big fans of this Crock-Pot 6 Quart Cook and Carry Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker. It has almost five stars and is usually a very reasonable price- especially if you are okay with red!

Check out this video review from Coach Kelly:

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