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No More Spilling Food Outside of Storage Bags

There is nothing like cutting up vegetables and dropping them all over a dirty floor while trying to bag them. No one wants meal prep to take any longer than absolutely necessary. Homwel 2 Packs Sandwich Bag Racks, Adjustable Hands-Free Baggy Rack, Food Storage Bag Clamp,Ideal Kitchen Accessories for Fruits and Vegetables can be the perfect tool to make your meal prep go even faster!

- Fixed refrigerator, storage room or sandwich bag, clip and fill under zipper bag of any type. The most practical plastic bag clamp and bag clamp. Cooking utensils are an excellent kitchen evaluator and must have kitchen essentials.

- The rack measurement value is 8.66 "x 3.54", which can be adjusted to 6.5 inches at the default arm height, up to 10.5 inches

- It is adjustable in height to accommodate larger plastic bags and increase easy food storage. The arms can be folded so that you can easily put them in the drawer.

- Non-slip rubber base to ensure food transfer into the bag without spill

- ALL Products you've purchased at Homwel Amazon store can be returned and replaced freely if there's any quality problem.

Check out this video review by Coach Kelsey:

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