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Never worry about hand-cutting spicy pepper seeds again | 2 in 1 Bell pepper- Jalapeno Pepper Corer

Worried about cutting through a spicy jalapeno pepper only to get all the juices under your nails- risking touching your eyes and face?

Introducing a nifty little pepper corer for all your Stuffed Pepper recipes (see our macro-friendly one here:


  • Quickly and easily cores and de-seeds both Bell Peppers and Jalapenos with little to no effort

  • The Bell Pepper Corer features a stainless steel blade rim making it sharp and smooth to remove the core and seeds cleanly

  • Non-slip base for added stability so you get an accurate and effortless cut everytime

  • Easy storage as the Jalapeno corer locks neatly into the bell pepper and acts as a blade cover

  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee - Dishwasher Safe


Check out this video review by Coach Kelsey:

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