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It's The Lunch Box with a Six Pack

When you need to carry an entire day's meals sometimes your small lunch box won't do the trick. When I discovered the 6 Pack Fitness Cube I was THRILLED. It organizes itself and I can just leave it on the corner of my desk all day. This bag can easily squeeze 5 meals for someone on their meal prep plan, but not take up unnecessary bulky space. It has an insulated modular cube system keeping up to 3-5 meals organized and easily accessible.  

The meal prep bag includes a container for supplements, to carry fruit, nuts etc. The 3 meal containers are created just for the module and can be microwaved and dishwasher safe. The 2 ice packs stay cold for 8 hours. It has a shoulder strap so with the necessities of a purse like your keys, credit card and lip gloss, this could take the place of a purse with some inside and side compartments!

Check out this video review from Coach K:

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