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How to Reach Your Goals While Maintaining Your Social Life.

Surprise! You CAN absolutely reach your goals and master this lifestyle without missing out on all the fun life has to offer. After all, we decided to get healthy to improve our lives, why should we give up social events that bring us happiness?

Health is not only what we eat - it’s the quality of our relationships, how we speak to ourselves, what we listen to, our hobbies, and of course living a balanced lifestyle. 

It starts with shifting your mindset. Remember that YOU chose to be in a work phase/ fat loss phase. Everyone around you is continuing with their regular lives and you are choosing to take the path less traveled – because you want more for yourself. 

Instead of thinking about what you cannot do, think of all you can do. Language matters most here. 

Instead of phrases like:

“I can’t have that food.”

“I’m not going because I’m on a diet.” 

Switch the narrative to: 

“I am choosing my healthy food right now because I have been uncomfortable in my skin for so long. It makes me feel empowered, energized, and in control.” 

“It’s not never, it’s just not right now. I know what that food tastes like, and it will not get me closer to my goals.” 

“Thank you for inviting me to (xyz event)! I am so excited to see you and spend time with you! I want to let you know that I am currently working with a nutrition coach to reach some health goals that I have. It is very important to me that I stay on track while I am there. I still want to come and spend time with you, but I will be bringing my own food (or eating before) and not drinking alcohol. Thank you for supporting me and understanding. Can’t wait to see everyone!”

“I can still have fun and not consume what everyone around me is consuming every time.” 

Although these conversations may be difficult to have at first, your true friends will not take it personally and want to support you in any way they can. Setting firm boundaries and sticking to them is key. Your friends will begin to respect your goals even more when they see that you respect your goals, too. 

Keep your “why” and your goals in front of you. Put yourself on the other side of your decisions and continue to ask yourself - how do I want to feel on Monday? How do I want to feel when I go to sleep tonight? Is this going to get me closer or further away from my goal? 

Planning treat meals is the cheat code to this lifestyle. Schedule these meals on your calendar (I recommend 2-3x/month while in a fat loss phase) where you enjoy a meal of your choosing or a few drinks – guilt free. Having it written on your calendar gives you something to look forward to, which makes it easier to say “no thank you” to the food and drinks at events leading up to it. 

While at dinners and events that you want to stay on track with your meal plan – eat a full meal right before you go so you are not feeling tempted or negotiate with yourself. Bring snacks in your bag (I’ve been known to sneak protein bars in my shirt or boots! You can find a way!) and always keep a drink in your hand as a placeholder. This way you can trick your brain to think you are consuming what everyone else is – and so no one asks where you drink is. 

Lastly, remember that it gets easier. Right now, it may feel uncomfortable to set these intentions with the people around you and at the end of the day – it’s about the quality time spent with friends and family, not about what you put in your mouth. 

Want some support as social season approaches? Schedule a free consult with Rachel Thruston using the button below.

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