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8 Ways to Measure Your Fitness Progress That Have NOTHING To Do With The Scale

Back away from the scale. Right. Now.

Enough is enough with letting 3 little numbers dictate your mood for the day. Who you are and how GOOD you are is not determined by a number on a scale. All it tells you is one thing and one thing only: your relationship with gravity.

We simply cannot say this enough....the scale DOES NOT and WILL NOT EVER show the whole picture when it comes to your fitness progress. It does not show you muscle mass, it does not show you water retention (accurately), it does not show you the difference in excess fluid that could be from your period or your sore swollen muscles or from stress, it does not show you that poo your body is getting ready to drop off.

The scale isn't a liar, no, but it's not the whole stop letting it define yours!

We give you "8 Ways To Measure Your Fitness Progress That Have NOTHING To Do With The Scale"....

1) Progress pictures

As much as we may not enjoy standing in front of the mirror naked (or someone else for that matter), before and after pictures are one of the best ways to notice the little changes happening in your physical body that the scale may not show. Progress shown in the small details can often speak volumes above what a scale is capable of telling us, such as:

  • how our body uniquely responds to our healthier habits - where does it shed fat first? What are our toughest areas to build muscle? This can tell us where we may need to tweak our program, or show proof that we are indeed on track.

  • show body composition changes - just because the scale didn't budge doesn't mean you aren't shedding fat. It could mean you are compensating for fat loss with lean mass.

  • show subtle changes, such as a new slightly deeper curve in our waist, a smoother back, or stronger (not necessarily thinner) thighs, smoother skin, and posture changes.

2) Measurements

No fancy equipment needed here!! Get out that old flexible ribbon tape, and get to work! Measurements are the best when it comes to reassuring you changes are happening when the scale doesn't budge. It's also a great tool to use to keep you focused on the ENTIRE picture of your body, and not just that one trouble area that bothers you so much (lookin' at you lower belly pooch!).

Everyone's body will change shape and shed fat in it's own order and way. Inches lost in your thighs matters just as much as inches lost in our abdomen, they just might happen at different times. Progress is still progress!

If you're looking for a good video on how to measure, check ours out by clicking here!

3) How Your Clothes Fit

Sometimes the scale won't budge an inch, but due to body composition changes, your pants size drops! This is NOT A JOKE... it's just further evidence of what the scale can't show you. If your clothes are loser, they aren't lying to you. Your body is changing.

Pay attention to the little things, like a shirt being a little baggier at the lower belly, being able to raise your arms and not feel like you'll bust the seams of your top, or the crotch of your pants getting it's not time to get a belt! It's time to get new pants!

4) How Well You Sleep

It's true! If you're sleeping better these days, chances are it has more to do with your food than you think. When you're feeding yourself less artificial ingredients and more dense whole food nutrition, your body's energy is more even and supported. These foods also help alleviate inflammation in the gut providing all kinds of antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, anti-inflammatories, and adaptogens. In turn, your hormones, many of which are made in the gut, are evenly regulated, turning on and off at more appropriate times. Thus, YOU get a better nights sleep!

When you get a better nights sleep and are eating foods that provide genuine stable energy, you'll also be less likely to reach for excess caffeine in your waking hours. Hunger hormones, like leptin, won't scream out unless actually needed. And you'll be less likely to reach for junk.

The relationship here is 100% cyclical! And yes, while these are changes you cannot SEE, you can FEEL them! Good sleep and appropriate AM/PM energy is a sign you are changing on a cellular, much more authentic level, that will keep you living more vibrantly than a string bikini ever could. Don't underestimate it!

5) Better Stress Management, and...

6) Energy throughout the Day & for other Activities

Ahhh yes, stress! Seems to be way of life here in America! But did you know our reactions to stress are directly related to the foods we eat?!

Reactions to stress tend to be stronger and more negative when we are a) hungry and b) tired. When you start eating nutrient dense foods such as complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins, you actually slow down your meal's digestion since these foods take more work to break down. This means you stay fuller longer and your body is delivered a steady stream of energy!

When energy is stable, your body doesn't cry out for cheap energy in the form of those vending machine snacks! You have more energy for your work, your workouts, and life. And your adrenal glands aren't busy trying to keep up with it all!

In time, your reactions to stress will be less, you'll think clearer, you'll be more flexible in life and balance all those balls in the air like a champ!

7) Clearer Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. And one of it's main jobs is to eliminate toxins. When you're consuming less junk, your body has less waste to eliminate, and thus you may notice a clearer complexion!

Skin is also an indicator of the condition of our gut and our hormones. When we eat processed sugars and easily digested junk filled with genetically modified material, we create inflammation in the gut. This sets off 2 things: instability of our gut-created hormones, and an immune response to help fight off this inflammation.

This inflammation can show up on our skin in the form of acne, eczema, and other forms of dermatitis. Hormone fluctuations can also throw our oil glands off their mojo, meaning our skin may overcompensate a bit in sebum and oil production.

When you start eating right, it's actually normal to detox toxins out of the body through the skin, but within a couple weeks this should clear up. When that happens, you know you're on to something good!

8) Sense of Accomplishment & Confidence

"In the groove?" "In the flow." "Riding the wave..."

These are all similar phrases that mean the same thing: You've got your MOJO BACK!

When you're feeling this way, it comes from a place of 1) Balance and 2) Pride. You're not overdoing it in any one area. You've found a rhythm in life of respect, dedication, and boundaries. You're doing hard things possibly you never thought you could. Or perhaps, you've just become the person who knew you really were after all this time.

If you're doing the actions that make you proud, if you're doing the work that challenges you, if you're living life by supporting yourself so you can give more to others... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS!!!

The whole point in this journey is TO FEEL GOOD. FEELING GOOD is where confidence comes from. We think the goal is looking good, but that's actually just a result of the former. Confidence radiates from WITHIN. Lack of it comes from NOT doing what you know you should. Lack of it comes from NOT holding yourself to the higher standard.

If you're feelin' yourself, don't let a number change that. Keep doing the tough things to help you grow, keep doing the things that let you live vibrantly and yet balanced, keep doing the things that create less stress and more joy, and appreciate what your body is CAPABLE OF. The rest will follow.


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