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The Difference Between "Balanced and Happy" and "Unhealthy and Sad" Is A Million Little Decisions

You did the work. You made the lifestyle changes. But you knew it wasn’t forever- many of the things you said “no” to were actually “not right now.” And now you have reached that goal- moving into maintenance.

Maintenance is when you have achieved your health goals- whether they be weight loss, muscle gain, blood test results, an aesthetic- and now you want to try to maintain that standard. It should be easy right?

Be careful not to kid yourself. Just because it’s not called the “work phase” doesn’t mean the work is done.

Want to hit the pause button? Don’t do it.

The same effort and priority you placed when you were in the work phase is the exact same effort that has to be placed day in and day out living a lifestyle as a minority. You are either going to eat toward your goals or you’re going to eat for the inner fat girl. Those are your choices.

The day that comes when you look in the mirror and feel at peace, you can’t begin to go to social events and decide to flip the switch and eat whatever you want. You have to make decisions even at social events and on the weekends. There are still going to be MANY no’s.

The good news is there will also be a sprinkle of planned yes’s. It’s a balancing act.

But if the buttons are popping on your "skinny" shorts or you do not like what you are seeing in photos- don’t cover it up with a facade! It’s time to re-evaluate your decisions and edit.

Drinking every weekend? Edit.

Eating out frequently, but not where you want to be? Edit.

The Difference Between Balanced and Happy and Unhealthy and Sad Is A Million Little Decisions.

So what can you do when you find yourself struggling in maintenance?

Continue to listen to your true inner voice. Sometimes we try to push it down and protect ourselves because self-preservation and going along with the majority is easier and safer.

The five people that you spend the most time with are a huge indicator of how you will be. Continue to tell them what you need to have balance in your life and continue to replace events, activities, and behaviors with things that are going to help you move towards your goals.

This is coming from a wise old lady - Coach K.


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