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Blue Light Glasses Protect Your Eyes

Updated: Feb 22

Coach Kayla LOVES these eyeglasses to help her on the computer – they give her the endurance needed when on the computer for long periods of time.

More About These Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Reduce Eyestrain – Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache, just with these computer glasses, you will notice a difference in a few days. Because the glasses block the most harmful blue light from computers, phone and TV.

  • High-Quality Materials – The 3A transparent lens not only block 99% harmful blue ray (400-440nm), also with high transmittance (93%), providing a perfect balance between eye protection and visual experience. The lightweight and durable TR90 frame puts no stress on your nose ensuring comfort for long periods.

  • Sleep Better – Prolonged exposure to blue light will slowing or stopping the production of melatonin, causing sleep disorders. FEIYOLD Blue Light Shield can stop it and provide you with a better night's sleep.

  • 2 Pairs of Glasses at a Great Price – Keep a pair in each of your reading areas, or share one with your friends or family.

  • Worry-free Service – The brand believes in their product. Any problem, please contact them.

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