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Rachael Higginbotham


Rachael is a native of Wisconsin and has been living in Virginia for 20 years as a military wife. She is also a mother to 6 children.


She has been a fitness enthusiast most of her life, beginning at a young age with competitive swimming. After starting her family and juggling motherhood and a deployed husband, Rachael realized the significance self-care and nutrition had on her overall health. Hungry for a healthier lifestyle, she joined a KK Wellness challenge in January 2017.


Through this challenge, Rachael learned the importance of proper nutrition using balanced whole-food options. The self-confidence and healthy body image gained through her experiences solidified her desire to empower other women and men to gain the same life changing benefits.


Rachael earned her certificate as a Nutrition coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is currently studying at Spencer Institute for her Wellness coaching certificate. Through proper nutrition and support from her coach Kelly Killen she competed in her first competitive body building competition. She has a new-found love for powerlifting and has competed at a RAW Powerlifting Federation competition.


Rachael aspires to help people become the best version of themselves! She holds a safe place for her clients and desires for them to reach their highest wellness potential by providing education, encouragement and empowerment through evidence-based holistic approaches.

Rachael Higginbotham
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