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Image by Andrijana Bozic




Learn practical steps on how to accomplish your health and wellness resolutions this year 

20 recipes |  2 sessions

Join Coach Kelsey and a group of like-minded, goal-driven go-getters who are ready to make this year their

greatest year yet! 

Image by Andy Art

during this workshop  we will:


Image by Vonecia Carswell

Connect and interact with other KKWellness clients and friends. 

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Identify action plans relating to our goals.

Image by Myrlene NUMA

Leave with a visual representation to focus on and manifest for the entire year ahead! 

Image by Huha Inc.

Gain clarity around your goals for this year.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Enjoy the company of other optimistic and driven individuals, all from the comfort of our own homes! 

Image by Barna Kovács

Let our creative juices flow and CREATE our own vision boards! 


Image by Adomas Aleno

What should I bring 

to this 


Any board

(cork board or poster

board are best)

Stickers, GLITTER, pictures,

and any fun embellishments! 


that you find motivating! 

Scissors, pens, markers,

glue sticks or tape, etc!

Magazines or graphics

with fun and inspiring pictures, quotes, ideas. 

Image by Fuu J

Are you ready to make this your greatest, happiest,

most successful year yet?


Grab some friends, fill up your favorite mug, bring all the fun craft supplies

(maybe even some glitter), and let’s DREAM BIG together! 

Image by Clay Banks
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