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From Fizzled Out to Fueled Up  


Teen Athlete Nutrition 101


MARCH 24, 2019

at 7PM EST

Feeling flat on the field?

 Eager to gain a competitive edge by working smarter, not harder? 


Look to your nutrition!


In this one-hour,

interactive webinar,

March 24, 2019 at 7 PM, 

Jodi Sheakley-Wright, PhD,

shares best practices for teen athletes

wanting to get the most out of their events. 


 more about the healthy components of a balanced nutrition plan,

snacks and meal ideas, and strategies for the athletes with big goals but little time! 

Suggested for teens ages 13+;  may include up to one teen + one adult per screen/purchase.




Want to set your teen up for


Start forming healthy habits now as a family! 

The skills and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle that your teen receives in their younger years will carry on for the rest of their life. 

one hour webinar packed with info! 


Join our 

are you ready 

to start your journey to better health?

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