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Jane Krzywosinski

KKW Coach

Jane grew up in a small northern Michigan town, where if you didn’t participate in sports, the days were long. She excelled particularly in basketball and softball, but was up for a game in any sport. This competitive spirit was born early and still resides in her.


It wasn’t until later in life, she had her one and only son. Jane knew getting back into shape while working full-time and being a new mama would be a new challenge. This was the beginning of her learning about the importance of macronutrients, and a new passion emerged. She became a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and regained her body and so much more.


With over twenty years of teaching experience, Jane knew she could apply the same principles she acquired in the classroom to assist her clients on their own journey of health and wellness.  Her mottos are “it’s never too late” and “you do have time.”

Jane Krzywosinski
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