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Ginny Bishop

KKW Coach & Contributor

Building on her passion for fitness, Ginny decided to become more well-rounded in the industry and improve her knowledge of wellness and nutrition.  She obtained her NASM Personal Training Certification as well as her NASM Nutrition Certification.  She has worked as a personal trainer for several years and has also competed in several bodybuilding competitions, earning her pro-card during her first round of competitions. 

With a competitive nature, Ginny believes that “anything can be accomplished if you set goals, plan, and implement the behaviors that need to take place to achieve those goals!”

Living outside of Richmond, Virginia, Ginny is married with two school-aged children.  Her family loves to snow ski during the winter months.  


She also loves involving her kids in the kitchen and teaching them the value of healthy foods.  With a degree in Interior Design, her background in art has carried over into her creativity in the kitchen.  Ginny loves trying new products, coming up with new recipes, and creating healthy, well-balanced and aesthetically-pleasing dishes.  She also enjoys making *fun and exciting* lunches for her kids! 

Ginny Bishop
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