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KKW LIVE Bootcamp

with Coaches Chrissy and Kayla

Join us for an in-person workout tailored for all levels!

Take advantage of being with your KKW family in person at this live workout.

Ready to have fun while working out?

Then come join Coaches Chrissy & Kayla on June 1st in Virginia Beach for a 90-minute bootcamp workout tailored for all fitness levels. If you already love the virtual community here at KKW, then joining us is a no-brainer.

Learn some new workout techniques, meet new friends & enjoy some time outside! Maybe even invite a friend with you.

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This is the "no excuse" workout!

You already love working with Coaches Chrissy & Kayla, so why not make it an IRL thing? They will be waiting for you in Virginia Beach and we promise the energy & community is unmatched.

Come join us on June 1st!

Join our 90-minute live bootcamp with two of our coaches.

Come join us on June 1st!




90-minute full body Bootcamp workout with Coach Chrissy & Kayla.



We love the idea of bringing the energy we see online every day in person!

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Learn some new workout techniques, meet new friends & enjoy time outside! Maybe invite a friend!

Maybe even bring a friend with you so they can experience what it's like to be a part of the KKW family!


What are you waiting for? Sign up now to reserve your spot for this incredible, LIVE, workout with two of our very own coaches!