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Ziploc Brand Zip and Steam Bags- for Healthy Meals in Seconds

Need healthy meals QUICK and on the go? Introducing our favorite ziploc bags that are super affordable and durable!


  • or healthy meals in minutes, Ziploc brand Zip’n Steam Microwave Cooking Bags combine the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of your microwave.

  • Each bag has patented vents that allow food to be steamed under pressure so that it is cooked thoroughly and evenly for quick, healthy, delicious meals with no mess!


Great for

Steaming fresh or frozen vegetables, potatoes and more.
Steaming fish, poultry and more.


Check out this REAL Amazon review:

I LOVE these bags! They’re quick for meal prep during the week (I proportion my veggies for dinners ahead of the week) so when I’m ready I just pop them in the microwave. I suppose buying the frozen steam fresh bags is similar without the added step, but I prefer fresh steamed veggies over frozen. I’ve also made dinners in the bag, I added chicken, spaghetti sauce and cookies it for 4 minutes. Topped with cheese that then melted- a pseudo baked chicken parm!

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