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Zero Calorie Swoon Cocktail Mixer Variety Pack by Be Mixed | Low Carb Zero Sugar

Partying and enjoying time with family, doesn't mean pumping your body with sugar and carbs! Get our swoon Mixers now!



  • ZERO SUGAR & ZERO CALORIES: Swoon Mixers are sweetened with monk fruit, a naturally sweet melon that contains zero sugar and zero calories.

  • NO AFTERTASTE, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: With no artificial ingredients, Swoon Mixers have a smooth finish without any aftertaste or unwanted bitterness.

  • EASY ENTERTAINING: A versatile cocktail mixer that makes a great addition to any home bar. Easily craft delicious cocktails for your guests or bring them with you to your next party.

  • FOR ALL LIFESTYLES: Our clean ingredients are complimentary with common dietary restrictions like diabetes, the Keto Diet, or Weight Watchers without sacrificing the flavor.

  • SERVING SIZE: This pack includes 6 bottles, 4 oz each. Each bottle contains 1 serving.


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