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Yes, You Should Actually Drink MORE Water In the Winter

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

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You may not be as into drinking water in Winter like you are in the Summer. We get it: you're not sweating as much, thus you don't realize you're even thirsty, and in general just don't find it as necessary. However, the opposite is in fact true! That's right!! Being less thirsty doesn't mean you're well hydrated. They don't call it chapped lips season for nothing! So next time your lips (or skin) starts to crack, tune into how well you've been minding your water bottle.

In these colder months, you need that baby more than you think. Read on for the science!!

1) The lower the temperature, the more fluids your body uses to exhale. Our body needs to humidify the air entering our bodies, which is much dryer than in summer months. And much like the humidifier in your bedroom, what do you think your body needs to do the job effectively? That's right: WATER!

2) Dry air & indoor heat pulls water out of your skin. There are FEW of us that can get through a winter season totally unscathed from symptoms of cracking hands, knuckles, faces, lips, ashy legs and joints. That's because our bodies are 60% water, which once comes to the surface, evaporates. The cure? DRINK UP! You're losing moisture faster than you think, and you don't have to workout to do it.

3) Water reduces seasonal tiredness. Yep! It does this by hydrating our cells so our body doesn't have to work as hard to preserve basic functions. When we drink enough water, we are left feeling more refreshed and energized than we otherwise would. We already have enough working against us in the colder months: less daylight, darker evening, and cold days wear our bodies out and make us just want to snuggle up and sleep. Water can help reduce these negative effects!

4) Water enhances our immunity by hydrating our mucous membranes in lungs and sinuses,which protect us from germs. What better excuse than flu and cold season do you need to put that bit of knowledge to work?

5) Sweat evaporates in the cold, so during an outdoor workout or when you're coming out from the gym into the parking lot, you may not be aware you're losing fluids. In the Summer month, we tend to at least obvious sign of fluid loss and trigger to reach for the water bottle. Less sweat in the winter however isn't necessarily due to a less intense workout or better fitness levels. It's more likely due to this evaporation principle. So don't be fooled...drink up like it's Summer, honey!

6) Water helps our digestive system function more effectively, which is helpful during holiday months when we may be more inclined to over-consume on occasion. We are ALL human! No on i immune to the fact that there will be holiday parties and dinners, and even when you're eating consciously, there are still more opportunities to overdo it in the Winter than in other months. We also get the benefit of hiding under layers of clothes which can let our guards down a bit! So what can help? keep that up before, during and after ANY event, and you'll be less bloated, move that food out of your system faster, and feel more like yourself the day after.

If you struggle with water intake already, it might seem to impossible to stay on top of it in the colder here's some tactics that may appeal to your seasonal tastes that could make the task a little easier:

1) Stick to your baseline summer water goals of at least 9-10 glasses/day. Most adults need at least 100 oz. (more if you tend to be overweight). And instead of ice cold, go for ROOM TEMPERATURE. If you need a good way to lug your water around with you, KKW members are BIG fans of this Reduce Cold-1 40oz Insulated Mug with Straw, Lid and Handle. It fits in your cup holder in the car! So no can take that water everywhere!

2) Add soups into your meal plan - broth has a lot of water! Broth also tends to be super low calorie, so add it to a bowl of prepped protein, chicken and cooked whole grain...heat it up...voila! You have yourself a soup! Cozy, comforting, macros friendly, and supporting of that water goal? Yes, please!

3) Drink hot teas daily! Get into a rhythm of it after your main meals, such as after lunch and dinner. You can even count it towards your water goal: just don't count the caffeinated ones, since caffeine negates hydration. Tea also helps ward off sweet cravings after eating, so double bonus!

4) Include water-based fruits and veggies like grapes, oranges, pineapple, melon, zucchini, celery, pepper, and spinach in your day. Every little bit adds up! So get your micro-nutrients and water, too. You'll have glowing skin in no time!

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