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Satisfy your Chocolate Cravings with this Cacao Bliss Superfood Powder | Boosts Metabolism

Want to quench your chocolate cravings, but still follow a healthy lifestyle?

Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free chocolate bliss superfood made with tumeric, cinnamon, monk fruit, coconut nector, MCT powder and black pepper.

No artifical sweetners
Soy and gluten free
Improves digestive health
Relieves stress
Decreases inflamation

Check out this five star rating real review from Amazon:

"This is such a wonderful cookbook. Being from India, my mother always cooked a majority of these recipes in this book. However, when I was at the age to learn, I would watch her, and try and write down the recipes. It was a palmful of this spice, a smaller palm of this spice, etc., etc. Never did I get the exact recipe from my mother. So when I would try out various recipes I wanted to have, before getting married, there was a lot of experimentation going on in my kitchen. Enter "The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook". Such wonderful recipes, all laid out clearly and easily, and in front of me, and yes I can still experiment with the spices, as my nine year old son, does not like his Indian food 'too spicy', so we always have to tone down the spices for him, but still maintain the taste."

Check out the product's description:

HEALTHY INDULGENCE FOR CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS: Cacao Bliss is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy chocolate and gain health benefits.

RELIEVES STRESS: This no-so-guilty pleasure is packed full of antioxidants that help regulate blood sugar, improve circulation, and relieve stress!

COMBATS THE EFFECTS OF AGING: Superfood ingredients like MCT powder and horsetail help stop cravings, boost metabolism, and combat the effects of aging.

IMPROVES GUT HEALTH: Antioxidants help to decrease inflammation and improve the detoxification process in your body.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t fully satisfied with Cacao Bliss, simply return the product for a full money back guarantee.

Check out this video review by Coach Brandy

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