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Real stories: Veronica Lambert

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

So for some of you, you know I’ve been trying to get healthier- and I’m well on my way. Since the first of the year I’ve lost 15lbs- since August I’ve lost 25.

I had knee surgery right before Christmas, so clearly no exercise -so I’ve focused on what I’m eating and just now incorporating exercise. I’m on the slow and steady approach versus dropping weight quick to just gain it back plus some. I tried all sorts of diets, keto, atkins, cutting calories way down and none of them worked or stuck with me.

Enter in macros- eating enough protein, carbs and fat for my body and my goals. I’m eating plenty of carbs- they aren’t the devil! I’m eating much cleaner (no added sugar) and feeling so much better about myself and just in my day to day. I meal prep every week so I have my meals and snacks prepared- does it take work- yes, does it take time- yes, but my health is a priority so I make the time for it.

I have my goals to achieve and I know I’ll keep working towards them by staying the course!

I got the jump start needed with KKwellness consulting and I’m so happy I did!

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