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Real stories: Rhonda Carlson

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Please allow me to introduce Rhonda Carlsen, who has recently “graduated” from behavioral nutrition coaching. Read on to hear Rhonda’s story, but how do these numbers grab your attention??

Total Value: Priceless Total Investment: $2565 Time Period: 9 months coaching Weight Lost: >30lbs (and continuing) Inches Lost: 40” (accumulative) Confidence GAINED Medications NO LONGER NEEDED

Rhonda has dieted her entire adult life and was skeptical that KK Wellness was going to be anything different for her. As her coach, I have seen Rhonda’s transformation, which has touched every facet of her life. Physically, she has lost over 30 pounds, and 40 inches (accumulative).

More importantly Rhonda’s cardiovascular risk factors went from HIGH to LOW risk, her blood pressure and lipid profiles are now within healthy limits and she is no longer on any medications. Woo hoo! Rhonda is no longer controlled by food, she is no longer a slave to seeking the approval of others, nor does she believe that her value is tied to the number on the scale.

When asked what was the most valuable takeaway from coaching, Rhonda will tell you it is the freedom and confidence to be able to stand confidently in her own space and be the woman God has created her to be!! Congratulations Rhonda, you are a true representation of a healthy lifestyle which is how we know that you have “crossed over”! We are so proud of you!

Pictured also Coach Brandy who facilitated this amazing change in behavior

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