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"I'm 8 months Post Partum And About To Get On Stage Next Week- Thank You!"

Updated: May 10, 2019

Coach K has been my competition prep coach since 2017. That year she successfully coached me to a Figure-pro-winning physique in the ANBF, OCB and PNBA.

Now it is 2019, I am 8 months post partum, still breastfeeding and about to get on stage again next week; but this time as a Bikini athlete in my first NPC show, then onto Bikini Pro Div at the OCB Catonsville Conquer in May.

Kelly is really amazing at what she does, and she knows how to boldly mentor me in my weakest moments without ever compromising her professionalism or passion for what she is doing.

She knows I need to be confident with my physique before I step on stage, but she will never compromise my health to get me where I need to be. She has mastered the art of timing and caloric measurements in ways that repeatedly prove to create athletes that arrive with the finest conditioning, while maintaining optimal health.

Once again, I feel confident about the package I am bringing thanks to her proven techniques to chiseling pro physiques. I could not imagine competing without her in my corner….and I am so ready to bring this post baby body for a fierce comeback to the stage once again.

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