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Never run out of space on your iphone again |super handy external storage portable usb flash drive

Want to download movies for the gym or a road trip, but don't have enough space? Want to get the photos off your phone and onto your computer without the trouble of emailing EVERY SINGLE FILE?

Never run out of space again on your iphone.

Introducing this super easy plug-in-play handy device that works great with you iphone device.

Check out this real review:

I was so amazed to find that this was an actual thing. I’ve never seen one but it is so handy! I’m able to easily save pictures and documents and also transport them between devices. I’m going to order them for my kids too, because their phones are constantly filling up with random pictures that they want to to save, but having the ability to remove them and then transfer to their tablet or laptop frees up memory space and eases up on the battery strain. Awesome buy.

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