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Resistance Exercise Bands for At-Home Fitness

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

- Safe and Durable: Made from 100% natural latex, nontoxic, odor free, elastic, and durable

- Multifunctional: Perfect for fitness, body shaping, weight loss, resistance training, strength training, postpartum recovery, injury rehabilitation and more

- Easy to Use: Exceptional versatility and durability for any exercise; simply change position to target different muscles in arms, chest, belly, gluteus, legs.

- Super Portable:12 x 2 inches (L x W), fits easily into the travel pouch provided;

- Additional Benefits: 5 bands with 5 levels of resistance for easily customizing the intensity of your workout; suitable for fitness training for experienced athletes or beginners.

Strength and size: X-Light (5-10lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.35mm (L X W X H) Light (10-15lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.5mm (L X W X H) Medium (15-20lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.7mm (L X W X H) Heavy (25-30lbs), 600 X 50 X 0.9mm (L X W X H) X-Heavy (30-40lbs), 600 X 50 X 1.1mm (L X W X H)

Real Review:

"My wife and I started to look into some exercise equipment one can use at home. We are happy about this product. Every band come in different plastic packaging, and there is a separate storage bag you can store all five bands. Each bands have a clear label of the power rating, from X-light to X-heavy. And we can find a proper rating for different exercise type.

This product seem to have good quality and durability. There is also an exercise guide come with it. Comes in handy if you are new to this product."

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