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How Weight Loss Really Happens

"The lazy hate the diligent and the common hate the uncommon." And they are hated because the diligent and uncommon are willing to do what other people will not. They get the results that other people do not. Because they aren't like other people.

When we can't seem to get it together sometimes it's because we are stuck comparing ourselves to others and not considering where we are on the journey.

When you see an ad on facebook for weight loss it almost always looks like the top line of that graphic above. No one wants to show the hard steps in the middle. No one wants to show the million little decisions that go into getting those results.

The mornings when the alarm goes off early and you go for that walk instead of sleeping in. That's one decision.

Skipping the birthday cake in the break room and grabbing a bottle of water instead. That's one decision.

Getting a full night's rest instead of binge watching a new show on Netflix. That's one decision.

Those million little decisions lead you to day 500. Which leads to day 501.

Living a healthy life style is a journey that begins with one step (like every other journey). Sometimes we lose perspective on where we have come from when the journey has been so long (check out a line a day journal if you would like to keep track).

Don't be fooled thinking that success will come in a short time period- success is for those who work hard and keep their eyes forward. Those who don't let the past dictate the future. Those who fall down and get back up again.

Keep your eye on day 500. It will be here before you know it and YOU will have those uncommon results!


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