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Grab a Mocktail Muddler For The Best Drinks Around

In our coaching practice, to lower the anxiety of clients trying to edit their alcohol consumption, and feel included while in a work phase of shifting their bodies composition through lifestyle change, we discuss the strategy of Mocktails! 

There are many recipes on our client subscription page to try them at home. To create the recipes requires fresh herbs and spices, as well as citric fruit that is infused in the flavor of the drink and enhances the experience of feeling like you are drinking a real drink.

A muddler is needed to really break out all of the enhanced deep flavors of herbs. At around 5.99 this HQY Muddler is perfect! Using this cocktail muddler is a great way to create your delicious Mocktails. This bar muddler is for: muddling mint leaves, mashing citrus fruits, herbs, and spices and making delicious  virgin mojitos and other cocktails.

Check out this video review by Coach K:

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