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Coach Kelsey’s favorite beach friendly & waterproof lunch tote (with backpack feature)

Getting the family ready for an adventure but need a lunch tote that can handle water, sand and other excursions? Coach Kelsey tells us all about her favorite family size lunch tote that can convert into a backpack for easy handling.



  • WATERPROOF PROTECTION - Protect all your gear from moisture with our ultra water tight dry bags!

  • NO LEAKS - Made with a waterproof polymer and a reliable clasp that keeps food, phones, and gear totally dry.

  • FISHING, KAYAKING, AND BOATING - Made for the relaxing fish trips and the intense kayak runs!

  • PACKABLE - Easy-to-use, packable bag instead of bulky, hard plastic containers or cases.

  • FLOATS - As you roll it up, air stays inside keeping it naturally buoyant! The perfect floating dry bag

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