If you answered mostly A's

you're doing

just fine


Your gut seems to be operating as it should, but remember, damage happens over time.  Continue with good habits like eating a variety of real, “from-the-earth” foods, getting plenty of fiber from fruits and veggies, drinking at least half your body weight in water a day, limiting antibiotics to only when necessary, and managing your stress or response to stress.


For extra gut health education, Join our KKW member page where we go live every other Tuesday night about new gut health facts and nutritional support.

If you answered mostly B's and C's

You're having episodes of periodic digestive upset.

It sounds like you’re experiencing some occasional digestive upset, which could be related to food intolerances, stressful situations, or a dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance) in the gut. Strategies to help regulate these symptoms are making stress management a priority along with aiming for seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night to promote repair and restoration.


Reduce consumption of foods like gluten, dairy and eggs if you currently consume them every day. You may also wish to explore ways to repopulate your “good” gut bacteria and/or strengthen your digestive enzymes, such as with probiotics or other specific foods/supplements.


Like to dive deeper with a Gutsy Girls Coach? Book a consult here!

If you answered mostly C's and D's

Ugh, we

need to talk!

Sounds like your body may not be digesting foods properly. This could be due to a bacterial imbalance triggered by damage over time or underlying food intolerances.


You may need to reduce your stress, increase the variety of foods you eat, and/or reduce consumption of things like gluten, dairy, eggs and gassy-causing veggies.  Gut-healing supplements and anti-inflammatory foods may also help if used for a period of time. 


For deeper exploration on how to address your unique symptoms and learn more about your gut, book a consult with a Gutsy Girls Coach!

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