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have your workplace be the healthiest it can be! 


your employees

or coworkers' lives

forever with our custom 8 week challenges



workplace health and wellness challenge is just what your job needs

to make happier and stronger employees and coworkers.

Your company can have the opportunity to set up its own internal 8 week lifestyle challenge online and compete with fellow employees!  KKW does all of the work if we can discuss this with the decision makers! 


Did you know that a healthier and happier work environment is possible. No, it's not by changing up the color of the carpet or adding more windows. You can change you work environment by the inside out through our 8 week Corporate Challenges. 


In 8 weeks, your employees and coworkers lifestyles will change with positive eating habits, accountability, exercise and the possibility of winning BIG CASH prizes! 

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are you ready 

to start your journey to better health?

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