With Kelly Killen, Owner of KK Wellness Consulting in Chesapeake, VA 




 webinar online series

With Chelsey Creswell, Lead Coach, KKW

Have you ever questioned your relationship with alcohol?


Have you ever
wondered if you drink too much, or too often? Have you wondered why it can be difficult to
stop drinking if you aren’t addicted?


Or maybe you just want to be better informed about what

alcohol really is and what is does in the body.


Join us for the KK Wellness Alcohol Awareness Webinar. This is a 6 week, private course on a
private Facebook group and Zoom video platform to learn and discuss the role alcohol plays in
our lives.

Join Coach Chelsey

December 3 - January 11.


Live and recorded content

will be from 7-7:30

every Tuesday evening

on the Facebook page with assignments

and/or a zoom live interactive

discussion on opposing weeks.

Multiple sessions for live zooms may be offered.


Topics for 6 weeks include:

  • How and why we drink

  • What alcohol really does in the body

  •  Anxiety and Depression: The effect alcohol has on brain neurotransmitters

  • Moderation vs Abstaining: What is right for you?

  • Ways to nurture your brain and handle stress without booze.

when and where?

  • Every Tuesday for 6 weeks at 7pm starting December 4 th.

  •  You will be added to a private Facebook page on December 2nd for dialogue and discussion. There will be pre-recorded and live
    sessions. If you miss a week, no worries.

  • The sessions will be recorded and available to view at your convenience.

course requirements

  • A working computer or smart phone with good internet connection. A Facebook Profile

Facebook grouping will be added DECEMBER 2nd


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