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Each day something new will greet you in this subscription page. Whether it is a behavior pep talk from Coach K, a health update or resource from Coach Chelsey, a fitness or daily workout routine from Coach Kayla or a cooking demo, great tip, or recipe from Coach Brandy Flotten. We will ensure that your monthly subscription is well worth the value to obtain fresh information and continue to build strong relationships with your coaches. It will also continue to serve as a discussion forum for KKW coaching clients and subscribers to continue the tremendous family support we have had for one another. Coach Kayla will post a workout of the day and various workout tips posted to the page and file section. Brandy Flotten will be focusing on integrating clean cooking into the KKW lifestyle. Her goal is to teach clients how to cook and prepare for the week to sustain not only the individual but also the family. Coach Kelly Killen will offer behavior tips, quick videos on the lifestyle, live Q & A sessions on behaviors associated with eating. Coach Kelsey L. Robarts will provide product reviews and is here to answer questions about custom meal plans. Bri Lowry is your resource for everything exercise, form, injury and workout planning. She is available to consult or write workout plans. Twice a month she will provide great demos and research for you regarding exercise physiology and latest information. She will also provide monthly challenges for fun. Dr. Jodi Sheakley-Wright, Ocb Pro will have talks on all things lifestyle change. Lastly, Coach Chelsey Creswell will bring you the real side to the struggle of this lifestyle (medical) as well as the information you need to know about supplements, disease, health and more.