Competition Coaching Testimonials

Martha VanCamp

I met Coach Kelly a year before I ever decided to call her.  I own a gym and was doing fine with my own self-made meal plan but decided to push myself to a new level and hired a body building coach.  I was following his meal plan for me, but soon realized I needed more hand holding; I needed to kick the crutch of alcohol.  I knew if I kept alcohol consumption in my diet, I would never be able to compete as a figure competitor, on stage. 

I wrestled with the idea of calling Kelly.  At first I was embarrassed that I couldn’t solve the alcohol issue on my own and then I was embarrassed that the Coach (me) needed a Coach.  I finally put pride aside and called her and my life has changed on so many levels.

Martha VanCamp

I was thrilled to not have to think about my own plan as I signed up for Kelly’s Coaching Model.  I knew she wouldn’t let me fail and I knew she would take me all the way to stage, nutritionally.  I worked with her for 23 weeks.  The investment was not only in my food plan, but also a coach to reassure me and push me through times when I thought I might want to crack. 

Kelly’s nutritional expertise is bar none.  Her plan works 100% if the client works the plan.  She’s attentive and real; speaking truth the entire time you work with her. 

I hit the stage for my first figure comp and felt that I absolutely looked my very best and looked like I belonged on the stage.  Now, Kelly is taking me to stage in February with a new nutrition plan and following that, in my off season, I will remain with Kelly to learn “how to do Martha” in the real world.

Dana Fair

Dana Fair

I’ve never imagined myself going on stage and competing, but after talking to some people I became highly interested. I realized I wasn’t as lean as I had to be and also was addicted to the number on the scale. Luckily I was able to meet Kelly through both her daughters which I can’t thank enough. Without Kelly as my coach I know I would have failed. She doesn’t just look at the aspect of eating healthy and working out (which are very important), but also at your mental well being.

I’ve never met a coach that checks in on her clients as constantly as she does. My biggest memory was getting a text from her that asked, “How is my winner doing?” You’ll be surprised how little things can be so motivating and Kelly definitely keeps you motivated. Kelly will always be my first and best coach! I couldn’t have placed as well as I did without the help and knowledge that she obtained! Thank you so much for being a very flexible with my schedule since I was busy with classes at ODU! You’re truly an amazing person and I will always look up to you!

Melissa Jester Biasi

Melissa Jester Biasi- Competition Client

I did my first ever Body Building competition in June of 2015. I competed in the bikini division. As you can see from the before pic, I was never overweight, just flat and "skinny fat." I tend to go through times in my life where I'm looking muscular to times where I've got a muffin top and zero definition. 

I contacted Kelly about doing a show. I needed something to jump start my wagon again. I had fallen of... badly, and was ready to make the commitment. Kelly set me up with a nutrition plan and she was literally there for me every step of the way. She was there, not only physically, but emotionally too. It's an emotional roller coaster prepping for a show. At times, it was intense and I wanted to throw in the towel. "Trust the process" she said (time and time again). We had 7.5 weeks to get ready. I placed in top 5 for both of my categories and I was thrilled with the results from her coaching.

Post competition Kelly even broke down my macro nutrients for me in a reverse dieting format to prevent rebound.  I use My Fitness Pal to track everything, so if there is something off the plan I want to eat,  and it fits my macros, I can eat it with balance.

I cannot even begin to thank Kelly enough. Through all of this, she was my rock. It's a tough journey, and I know now why it never worked for me because I was doing it alone. I NEED someone to hold me accountable. A person to check-in with me throughout the day or just someone to say, "You are KICKING BUTT GIRL!"  and for me, that's her. Not everyone gets it... you cannot rely on friends and family to help push you along. They don't get it. Kelly... she does. She was meant to guide people down a healthier path in life. I'm sincerely grateful not only for her sharing her knowledge, but for her friendship. I wouldn't ever think twice about referring her. This is your LIFE... make that investment into your LIFE, it's so great not just to LOOK good, but to FEEL good and know that I am setting a wonderful example for my children. You cannot put a price on those things.

Tameka Reid

Tameka Reid- Competition Client

I started with Kelly in February weighing 155 pounds. I over ate, under ate and sometimes didn't eat at all and it's only because I let LIFE get in the way. Kelly asked me if I had a goal, I told her I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and to be able to compete on stage. She needed me focused, because if she didn't think I was ready for center stage, I would not compete. She kept it real and I appreciated that. The struggle was real, but once I took control of MY situation, I listened and ran with what Kelly told me. She is truly an outstanding nutritionist, motivational coach and most importantly a God fearing women. My stage weight ended up being 121. I lost 34 pounds following her plan. With that said I want to show my before and after pictures.

Crystal Jones - Competition Client

I started working with Kelly in January 2015 once I decided to compete. I was really anxious and nervous but Kelly's reputation as not only an outstanding coach but a genuine, God fearing woman put me at ease. She was always firm, honest, compassionate and 100% transparent. She prepared me for the 9 month journey and was dead on with my results if I listened and followed the plan she gave me. Following the plan was one of the most difficult and yet rewarding things I have ever done. Kelly was there every step of the way and made herself always available. I started at 155.6 and my stage weight was 120.8. Having her there the day of the competition and knowing she was proud of me was priceless. I have learned so much from Momma K about food, discipline and goals. This is something I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Crystal Jones

Marjorie Thrashman

Marjorie Thrashman - OCF Figure Pro Yorton Cup Overall Champion

I have been involved in natural bodybuilding since 2013. Over the years, I have watched Kelly as an athlete and seen her grow into her role as a coach and mentor. When I decided that I wanted to return to the stage, I didn’t have to think twice about who to hire as my coach. I knew I was going to hire Kelly! Kelly was familiar with where I had been (which was crazy bro-science insanity) and had a vision for where she could take me with a more balanced, nutrition--focused approach. It would require me to unlearn bad habits and relearn new methods. I had to trust her because everything was so vastly different than what I had done in the past. I trusted her and followed my plan….this is why I was successful. She connected with me daily and wanted to see how I was doing. Anytime I had a concern, she listened and adjusted my plan accordingly. She also explained the science behind her decisions for me and kept my plans simple. Kelly collaborated with my trainers and posing coach to help me deliver my absolute best competition physique to date. This was the most balanced and healthiest prep I have ever had. I am so thankful to her and all that she has taught me. Should I decide to return to the stage again, Kelly is my coach! I would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation!

Darlene Roberts - Competition Client

I was 212lbs. give or take in late 2010. I lost the weight through extreme cardio and crazy imbalanced nutrition, often omitting carbs and binging here and there. I then decided to start competing in bodybuilding.

I completed my fourth figure competition in May 2016 and did not reverse properly. Post competition is the most difficult part of competing, but I really wasn’t clear on what the term “reverse” really meant. I just thought I was experiencing my usual post show blues.

Knowing that I would be off stage for at least a year, my intentions were to stay within what I thought would be a reasonable weight. For me that is 10-15 lbs. above my 135lb stage weight. I’m 5’7” and was totally comfortable with this. But even though I thought I could do it, I found myself gaining more than I should.

I knew I needed help and had heard about KKW from a friend and fellow competitor.  I did 2 challenges and purchased a custom meal plan. The challenges were helpful but simply wasn’t enough! I was still a bit lost and fluctuating in weight. Looking back, I can see why. It still was about a number on a scale or size of my jeans as opposed to the behaviors and relationships with food. I was one of those people who got derailed very easily, life, injuries, weekend events etc. It didn’t take much effort for me to “fit in” the moment and sabotage my plan. 

At this point I was up to 174 lbs. and completely frustrated. I put so much pressure on myself to get this right! I beat myself up with so much guilt, shame and embarrassment. Once you’ve competed you tend to feel like eyes are always on you to maintain that chiseled physique. What was going on?  I’ve lost weight before during competition prep so why isn’t this easy for me?  What was missing?

I decided I needed post competition coaching for additional support. I felt some sense of a connection with Coach Chelsey. There was just something about her that told me she’d be a good match for me.  We got off to a slow start at first. I don’t think I was mentally ready to let go of the guilt of the weight gain and learn to live off stage. Chelsey helped me understand I only knew one true way to stay lean: competition prep. The only way I was staying on track was to have a show date in mind with a finish line. AHHHHHH (lightbulb).

I had to learn to balance this new relationship with food and steer my mind away from competition lifestyle. Chelsey said to me one time in a stern voice “Darlene, this is NOT prep!” I had to unlearn that way of eating and stay focused on properly fueling my body for LIFE vs STAGE! 

Front Of Body

Side Of Body

Back Of Body

Years of yo-yo dieting and competition prep had damaged my metabolism. I had to go through a period of “metabolism rehab” before the weight really started to come off. At times I was ready to stop the coaching. It seemed to not be working for me. I thought Chelsey was as frustrated as I was but nothing was further from the truth.  She put me on a fixed plan for four weeks to eliminate any variables. Low and behold that scale started to move. Inches were lost and at the same time the pictures were revealing progress that I simply couldn’t see. She calmed me down so many Mondays and ensured me not to stress but stay committed and trust the process.

I look forward to our text checkups and pep talks before the weekends and holidays. There’s a sincere sense of caring I get from her. My heaviest during coaching was 183lbs. Chelsey never gave up on me! Together we found what worked for me. I shed 20 pounds! But the best part is what I gained: insights regarding my behavior, separating stage from life, knowing how to handle myself in social situations, taking a moment during difficult times to reflect rather than binge and just overall balance. It’s still mucky… but my mindset has completely changed. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that KKW offers. It has truly helped me find balance in all aspects of my life!

Darlene Reed Roberts

Alejandra M. McKeever

Alejandra M. McKeever

It’s rather interesting to me how the elephant in the room always seems to be money when deciding whether to spend on someone to “tell” you how and what to eat. I, too, was guilty of this type of thinking before I decided to INVEST in myself by joining the KKW family. I never hesitated to waste money on the very things that were keeping me from accomplishing my goals: foods with zero nutritional value. I ate to feel better because that’s all I knew how to do and silly me wondered why I felt worse and worse as the days went. You see, KKW, Coach K specifically, offered me far more than what I had paid for. Not only did I receive 110% of what I was searching for to get ready for my first bikini competition but I also received the kind of support, guidance and mentorship that can’t be bought. With KKW I achieved more than just a stage physique; I, for the first time in my life, was able to look in the mirror and loved the person that was looking back at me. And although I am no longer lean or have abs today, that amazing feeling remains. I now have direction, I now eat with a purpose and with self respect. Coach K isn’t average and neither was I once we started working together. I am the best version of ME and that wouldn’t have happened without her steady guidance and support. Coach K is more than a nutrition coach, she’s a leader, an accountability partner and someone who most certainly yields results. If I had to do it all over, there’s only one thing I would change... I would join the KKW family much sooner!