Individualized Nutrition Coaching for the Busy Lifestyle

While exercise is always a necessary component of any successful, long-term weight loss solution, my services specifically focus on behavior modification and nutrition only. KK Wellness Consulting, LLC, is your source for health and nutrition coaching. Along with essential vitamin and weight loss supplements, we make individual cardiovascular exercise recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Competition Prep-$ 250 Monthly

Provide 1:1 competition nutrition prep. The coaching includes nutrition plan, daily communication via text/ phone, 2 x a month face to face or  online zoom meetings for measurements, assessing and accountability, modifications to plans as needed, supplement considerations and cardio regimens.

Pre and Post-Competition Maintenance Support—$150 monthly

Are you thinking of competing but need guidance leading up to selecting a show date and proper nutrition before jumping into competition prep? Are you an individual who has competed in the past and developed a bad relationship with food? Has your metabolism rebounded badly and you don't know what to do? Do you need an accountability partner to adhere to the newfound healthy lifestyle? This service helps women who have experienced an excessive amount of post-competition weight gain, and assists them in regaining control of their eating behaviors and relationship with food.This service model is also for women who also want to compete but need to address their nutrition and body fat concerns first by reaching a maintenance weight goal before going into a full prep for a show.